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Brief introduction of the most popular cell phone brands

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

There is a multitude of phone brands coming up in the market. Different companies are offering remarkably different cell phone models that you may choose from. Digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, and GPS receivers are now common, and each new feature seems to add to the cost. Different brands have their own advantages, so one must do some work before choosing a phone. To help you know much about cell phones, here I will give you some brief introduction of the most popular cell phone brands.


A lot of brands selling and manufacturing cell phones and mobiles are in the market but Nokia cell phones are the leaders in the race. With over a dozen varieties and models lining up every day the customer is left in confusion as to what to buy. With the market gearing up with new companies in the foray Nokia manufactures have accepted the challenge. They are coming up with latest technologies being put to test. The company believes in customer satisfaction and that is the success of their being the leaders in cell phones.

Though Nokia is the world’s leading handset maker, its phones are not as widely available through U.S. carriers, from which most U.S. consumers buy their phones. Nevertheless, the company offers a broad lineup of high-end smart phones, many of which are sold unlocked, including the N, E, and C series.


Apple is no longer considered a newcomer to mobile phones, and has arguably revolutionized this category with the iPhone introduction in 2007. An AT&T exclusive, it provides superb ease of use via a large, highly interactive multi-touch screen and a customizable icon-driven interface. It also has robust multimedia capabilities, including one of the best music players we’ve seen in a phone. Its e-mail application is among the easiest to set up. The fourth-generation iPhone is a better performer than previous models and has a much sharper display, a higher megapixel camera that can record HD (high definition) video, and an additional, front-facing camera that supports video conferencing. But we can’t recommend it until Apple comes up with a permanent and free fix for a signal-reception problem we confirmed during testing.

Although this kind of smart phones host of several applications like productivity tools, shopping, multimedia, games, travel, news, weather, social, finance, references and so on, it seems to be unaffordable to low income group.


As a global corporate and technology pioneer, Motorola is continuing its 75-year commitment to making things smarter and life better for people around the world. They recognize the value of Motorola as a company is based on high principles first and then a company that serves its customers and shareholders. Their fundamental goal is total customer satisfaction. Their key beliefs are constant respect for people and uncompromising integrity.

Maybe someone think it is not according with using habit for the sending button is on the right side. If you want to buy a Motorola phone, you have to adapt it for a time.


Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications was established in 2001 by telecommunications leader Ericsson and consumer electronics powerhouse Sony Corporation.   The company is owned equally by Ericsson and Sony announced its first joint products in March 2002. It offers a wide range of handsets, from low-end budget models to sophisticated smart phones. Like Nokia’s, many of its phones are sold unlocked, without carrier contracts. Its product lines include the music-centric Walkman, the camera-focused Cyber-shots, and the Xperia smart phones.

Although it’s a young company, it growing quickly. Most of its products are well designed and very popular among young generations.

Besides the above-mentioned brands, there are many other famous ones like LG Mobile, Samsung, Blackberry, HP Phones, Palm, Sanyo, Sharp and so on.

Which brand is your favorite one and which one are you using?