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Burberry Handbags: Symbols of Taste and Style

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Burberry handbags have become symbols of taste and style the world around. It is one of the hottest brands in fashion today. The Burberry Handbags is a mainstay of high fashion, so much so many companies have started making replica Burberry handbags.

Burberry was founded in 1856 by a young Thomas Burberry in England making outfitters, trench coat and military uniforms. These distinctive Burberry trench coats have been seen in movies. And this is how the Burberry Handbags and replica Burberry handbags craze initiated.

The Burberry Handbags were introduced around 1999 when Italian designer Robert Menchetti joins the company. Prior to this it was slumping due to conservative approach and the Asian market recession which had always been a stronghold for the company.

Burberry Handbag is one of the best fashion bags in the world. Burberry is known for its best quality bags that are usually used by film actresses and also rich and famous people.
Such notables as David Beckham, Tamara Beckwith, and Spice Girl Victoria Adams (now Beckham) fully embraced the new approach along with Prince William and Kate Moss. It looks as if the Burberry Handbags is finally among the elite chic of the fashion world. The price of Burberry handbags is not cheap; it is really an expensive brand.

One of the best features of Burberry is the durability of the bags. It is really a high quality and they are made of high quality raw materials. That is the main reason why these handbags are so expensive.

A few of the more famous Burberry handbags styles include:

The Ultra –chic Burberry Blue check handbag is compact, lightweight and ideal for modern fashionable woman. Gorgeous blue, white, ivory tan and black cover vinyl-coated canvas in the familiar Burberry check is accented with tan trim. This stunning handbag sells for approximately 450 dollars. A replica Burberry handbag of the same style sells for $100.

Burberry Candy Check Snowdrop designer handbag is compact, sleekly and just right today’s busy woman. It has colors of pink, white, and tan for the Candy Check cover in vinyl-coated canvas. It has a list price of about 440 dollars. A replica handbag of the same style has a price of 70 dollars.

The Burberry Candy Check Cadogan designer handbag is a very attractive pink, white and tan Candy Check cover in vinyl-coated canvas. This handbag assures you that you will be able to accommodate all the essentials of your busy life style. It sells about 440 dollars. A replica of the same style will be around 85 dollars.

The Novacheck tote Burberry designer handbag is a cotton canvas with the equestrian knight logo. It is accented by rich looking dark brown leather trim along with golden hardware. This fashionable handbag list price is 595 dollars. This tote will also come in double pocket retails approximately 895 dollars. A replica handbag tag price is about 90 dollars.

There are also some other designer models of Burberry Handbags.

1- Burberry Clutch, 2- Burberry Wristlet, 3- Burberry Evening bag, 4- Burberry Hobo

5- Burberry Tote, 6- Burberry Satchel, 7- Burberry Cross

These trendy styles of Burberry designer handbags have contributed a lot to the designer handbag industry.

Scarves Upgrade Your Style

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

If you have extreme eyes on fashion, you would have noted that several accessories in recent years have come into fashion and found their seats in the fashion field. And if you are also a star-follower, you may have been aware that celebrities now are accustomed to make good use of sunglasses and scarves to accessorize themselves.

Scarves are so amazing at present. Almost everyone can find a fit model for herself and make her plain appearance radiant in no time. As it is summer now, silk scarves are quite popular. Now all silk scarves are very varied. They feature different patterns and colors. You can choose either a pure-colored one or a mix-colored one as you like. Some people prefer simple-designed scarves while some others would like to try those which look novel and eye-catching. In a word, you can just make your own decision and choose the one fit for you.


After the choosing job, most people would wonder how to take good advantage of the scarf. In fact, there are hundreds of manners to tie your scarves. Here I will introduce to you some simple ways. You can get a clear image from the pictures I show to you.

The simple knot tie


The backwards wrap tie


Button-hole tie


These three wrapping manners are the most common ways to tie scarves. You can try them all and determine which one suits you most. In a word, find a fabulous scarf and tie it around your neck in a proper way; you will get a wonderful look immediately.

Interesting T-Shirt Facts

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

T-Shirts are important part of our fashion element. It’s a dress that we all like to wear as casual outwear. Various slogans, interesting designs, creative ideas all are portrayed on a T-Shirt. Various T-shirts are there on the market and most of the T-Shirts are made of cotton. Men and women wear T-Shirts but they are a bit different in terms of gender. Male T-Shirts are much tighter than female T-Shirts. But in some cases which are exceptional you can see it vice-versa.

T-Shirts are impressive to wear. It’s an interesting thing that to make a single T-Shirt huge amount of cotton needs to be used. That’s why T-Shirt industry is mainly based on cotton industry. Without cotton it would be very difficult to produce quality T-Shirts.

At first T-Shirts were not very popular. Before world war ll T-Shirts were used by only navy personals as under shirts. But after the world war had ended, popularity of T-Shirts increased by the use of normal public. Although it was even then used as under shirts, the ease of wearing and cleaning made T-Shirts reach the popularity that it has achieved now.

T-Shirts are used as casual clothing and mainly they do not contain any type of button. T-Shirts are collarless and they don’t have any zippers. T-Shirts must contain these special features but now many variations of T-Shirts are being seen on the market. As the time is changing the trend of T-Shirts are also changing. Summer T-Shirts have become shorter and thin so that its comfortable and not sweating hot to wear. Winter T-Shirts have become very thick and they are also comfortable to wear as they absorb some heat to stay hot in cold season.

T-Shirts are definitely cloths that will never be old. Various colored T-Shirts with buttons on top of the neck, logos on the hand or even tattoos painted all over the shirts are seen. T-Shirts are truly cost effective cloths that doesn’t require huge amount of money to buy and also are durable. T-Shirts also need less hassle while cleaning it. Soccer T-Shirts have gained much popularity after the Fifa world cups and various types of messages are also sent through the medium of T-Shirts. Nowadays advertisements are seen to be done through T-Shirt paints, it’s a great medium to enhance your business. Bottom line is T-Shirt is clothing that will remain attached to all the generations that has come and that will come in future.