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Brief Introduction of Android Operating System

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

For those who are always paying attention to the development of cell phone, it must be very common to see the word Android. However, most of us may only familiar with the name only. Here I would like to share the brief introduction of Android operate system with you.

 Google-Android Operating System 1 (4)

Android is announced as the name of the mobile phone operating system which is developed on the Linux-based platform by Google on November 5, 2007.this new platform is consisted of operating system ,middleware, user interface and the application software, which is claimed to be the first open and complete mobile software which is truly created for mobile terminals. At present, the latest versions are Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

 Google-Android Operating System 1

As we all known, Android is developed by Google at the beginning and later it was undertaken by Open Handset Alliance. Android operating system adopts the software stack structure and is divided into three parts. The underlying Linux kernel only provides the basic functionality while other application software is developed by the companies themselves, some of the procedures are written in Java. By the end of 2010, it was showed by the related data that Android operating system which is formal launched for only two years was in advance of Nokia Symbian operating system which has dominated for many years. Currently, Android operating system has been adopted by the major mobile phone manufacturers including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Sony Ericsson and so on. Nowadays, Android operating system is the world’s most popular smart phone platform. What’s more, Android system not only applies to smart phones but also applies to tablets.

Google-Android Operating System 1 (2)  Google-Android Operating System 1 (1)

With the highly developing technology, Android operating system has transformed from Android 1.5 to the latest Android 2.3. Android 2.0/2.1 (Eclair) restored the user interface and brought in HTML5 and Exchange ActiveSync  2.5 support. Android 2.2 (Froyo) brought in JIT optimization to the speed improvements and introduced the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. In addition, Android 2.2 pluses Wi-Fi and Adobe Flash support. As for the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), it developed the user interface, the soft keyboard and copy/paste functions, and added the newest social network NFC(Near Field Communication). The latest version is Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), which is a operating system for tablets and supports larger screen devices and brings in many new user interface functions.

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Every change brings excellent experience for users by the updating user interface. Choosing a mobile phone that adopted Android operating system will be a correct and wise choice for you.

Top 6 Smallest Cell Phones in the World

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Cell phones are not only a necessity in our daily life but also a way to express personality. Different people may like different kind of phones. There are a great number of people like phones of small size. The biggest advantage of small phone is easy taking. Many companies have making small sized phones with great functions. In the following let’s have a look at the top7 smallest cell phone in the world.

1. Modu phone

The Modu phone is definitely tiny with 72x37x7.8mm size and 39g weight. Because the small physical specs so there is not much room for a screen or physical control, Modu only offers a 1.2-inch screen. However, it has the most common use of every phone. What’s more, this phone is considered to be the smallest and lightest phone in the world.

2.  Hair Elegance

The Haier Elegance has only a mere 90.6 x 35.3 x 18.2mm size and a mere 64 grams weight. The Elegance features a 1.1 inch Organic LED screen, MP3 player, FM radio and Bluetooth. Besides, it has 3 hours talk time and 11 hours play time.

3. NEC N930

The NEC N930 is a very slender cell phone at 54 x 85 x 11 mm size and 72 grams weight. And, it features with a 65,000-color display  TFT touch screen.

4.  XunChi 138 Phone

The XunChi 138 is made in china. It is only 2.64 inches in length, which is a little longer than the AA battery and weighs only 55 grams. It is impossible to have a keypad because of the tiny size so the XunChi 138 has a touch screen with handwriting recognition. It also has Megapixel), USB port, WAP, GPRS, MP3 player and 138 MB built-in memory.

5.  UTStarcom Slice

The UTStarcom Slice is a small bar handset that features a wireless Web browser and a speakerphone. Besides, it also support Java down-loadable games.

6. LG Migo VX1000

The LG Migo VX1000 features good quality speaker-phone and lovely appearance.  It has 200 minutes talk time and 226 hours standby time. The LG Migo VX1000 only has a 3.23H x 1.81W x 0.87D inches size and 2.46 oz Weight.

Although most of these small phones have stopped producing, they really bring interesting and convenience to our life.

How Do Parents Guide Children to Use Cell Phone

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Nowadays, more and more students in middle school and high school are using cell phones. Since we cannot forbid our child using phones, we must guide them to use phones correctly in order to prevent them from forming unhealthy habits. In the following, I will give you some suggestions.

Arrange the contacting time

Most parents are buying cell phone for their children with the purpose that it will make it easier to contact each other. In this regard, the parents should arrange the contacting time. Therefore, parents and children can contact each other in this period of arranged time. If the children can contact their parents regularly, it will reduce the parents’ worry. In addition, children can choose the opening time of their phones personally, during the period of time parents can call them if there is something.

Respect the privacy of children

It’s a very common way to communicate by sending text messages with cell phone. Many parents are easy to make the mistake of prying their children’s text massages, which will cause the dislike and negative mentality of children. What’s more, doing so will do harm to the emotion between parents and children. The wise parents will never make this kind of mistake, to the opposite, they will respect the privacy of their children. This doesn’t means they don’t care about them. They grasp the children’s status by frequently observing their actions and words together with contacting and communicating with teachers. By the way, parents should remind children not to use others’ phones without permission. Even if it was permitted, it’s also impolite to check the personal information in phone such as communication recording, SMS and so on.

Pay attention to the words you are using when calling

Since cell phone is a tool of communication, parents should pay attention to the words you are using when calling. Even if you are very worried and angry with the child’s performance, you also must pay attention to the language arts, which is more efficient to let the children know that you care for him.

Appropriate reminding

As a communication tool, mobile phone makes it more convenient to the contact between classmates and friends. However, they often chat with each other on phone for a long time, which is a waste of time. So parents should remind children to use terse language and not to disturb others and occupy others’ time.

Cell phone is of great help in our daily life if we use it correctly. For children, their parents must pay more attention to guide them to use cell phones. Otherwise, they may form some unhealthy habits that you never want see. Keep these suggestions in mind, and they will help you and your child to prevent the troubles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cell Phones by Middle School Students

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

The importance and popularity of cell phones is obvious. Nowadays, not only adults using cell phones, but also most middle school students, even more younger students are using phones in their daily life. Should they use phones? Different people have different opinion among this question. Every coin has two sides, let’s find the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones by students.


Many teachers and parents are worrying that some unhealthy behavior of using cell phone may occur if the students’ ability of self-control is not strong. For example, some students cannot concentrate their attention to the class because they are sending messages and playing games. Some students may feel uncomfortable if they don’t doing so. Therefore, in this kind of using phone will influence their normal study and life absolutely.

Some parents said that there is no need of students to have a mobile phone, because students at this age may not have so many friends to contact and communication. At the same time, it may bring a high fee of using phones.


Some Parents think it’s good to use phones. At present, there are many students are living at school, so it will be very convenient to contact their kids through cell phones. However, the parents should manage the phone charges.

For students who are using phones, they think cell phones are not only convenient but also improve the friendship between the classmates and strengthen the link between relatives. And now the mobile phones have more and more function, which will enrich the students’ life. It is impossible to give up using phones. Like computer, although there are network games and bad information in it, every school opens the computer class.

In my opinion, many middle school students have the ability of self-control. they can distinguish the primary and secondary, and use mobile phones reasonably. It’s unwise to forbid them to use phones. Mobile phone is innocent, and the key is how parents and teachers help them to use phones correctly.

Ways of taking care of your cell phone

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Nowadays, cell Phone is becoming a basic necessity. We all know that there are many types of cell phone right now in the market with various features. we just used it as a tool of communication and sending message in the past. But now with a lot of features, like MP3 player, video recording, digital camera, micro blogging (twitter), social networking (facebook), we use them for entertainment. Our phones may differ from others’ in brands and appearances, however, we own and like it. To some extent, it likes a good partner in our daily life. Therefore, it is important to us to know how to make full use of this tool and keep it in good condition. The following are suggestions to take better care of your cell phone.

Have a mobile phone cover and an appropriate pouch for it.

It is of great advantage to use a mobile phone cover and an appropriate pouch. They could largely reduce wear and tear if you use them as a protection for your cell phone. If you don’t have a pouch, it will easily get worn out and will have damages to its outside casing. While using a pouch could lessen the damage when you accidentally drop it on the ground.Remember try not to drop, throw, or sit on your phone.

How do you carry your cell phone?

In daily life, different people may have different ways of carrying their phones, but some ways go against the functions and operation. Therefore, it is of great importance to consider how you carry it in daily life. Remember not put your mobile phones in your back pockets, it would press great pressure on your mobile phones when you sit down. It’s also inadvisable to put phones in breast pockets, which would be easy for your phones to drop on the ground when you stoop. The best way is put it on your desk when you are working or at home while put it in your handbags when you are going out. You should be careful and avoid using yours in such ways.

Clean your phone regularly.

Cleaning is a must for your cell phone because Accumulated dirt can cause physical damage to it.  You should always clean the earpiece and the mouthpiece. Besides, taking care of the LCD screen is also necessary because not only good for your phone but also good for your eyes.

Charge Your Cell Phone Battery Properly

To keep your phone battery working at its best condition, and make it last as long as possible. You should pay attention to the following suggestions: 1) Turn your cell phone off when it’s charging. This will help keep the battery cooler. 2) Charge the battery before it’s drained completely.3) Remove your cell phone from the charger as soon as it’s fully charged.

These are just a few suggestions. If communication is important to you, the phones should be handled carefully. Do you have any other good ideas to share about taking care of cell phones?