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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cell Phones by Middle School Students

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

The importance and popularity of cell phones is obvious. Nowadays, not only adults using cell phones, but also most middle school students, even more younger students are using phones in their daily life. Should they use phones? Different people have different opinion among this question. Every coin has two sides, let’s find the advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones by students.


Many teachers and parents are worrying that some unhealthy behavior of using cell phone may occur if the students’ ability of self-control is not strong. For example, some students cannot concentrate their attention to the class because they are sending messages and playing games. Some students may feel uncomfortable if they don’t doing so. Therefore, in this kind of using phone will influence their normal study and life absolutely.

Some parents said that there is no need of students to have a mobile phone, because students at this age may not have so many friends to contact and communication. At the same time, it may bring a high fee of using phones.


Some Parents think it’s good to use phones. At present, there are many students are living at school, so it will be very convenient to contact their kids through cell phones. However, the parents should manage the phone charges.

For students who are using phones, they think cell phones are not only convenient but also improve the friendship between the classmates and strengthen the link between relatives. And now the mobile phones have more and more function, which will enrich the students’ life. It is impossible to give up using phones. Like computer, although there are network games and bad information in it, every school opens the computer class.

In my opinion, many middle school students have the ability of self-control. they can distinguish the primary and secondary, and use mobile phones reasonably. It’s unwise to forbid them to use phones. Mobile phone is innocent, and the key is how parents and teachers help them to use phones correctly.