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Phone Can Be Used As Laptop – The MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G released in CES2011

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

In CES 2011 the Tegra 2 dual-core processor Smartphone ATRIX 4G launched by MOTOROLA not only huge attracts countless eyeball attention and winning the best CES2011 Smartphone awards. It’s the only Smartphone that allows you to carry the power of mobile computing inside your pocket. It can be said that Motorola ATRIX 4G is the world’s most powerful Smartphone. In the following, let us have a look at the special features of this Motorola’s 4G Smartphone.

4.0 inches Q-HD touch screen (960 x 540 pixels)

As MOTOROLA’s newest Smartphone of flagship level, ATRIX 4G loaded touch screen with 4.0 inches, support the resolution reached the specification of Quarter-HD. The high definition 960 x 540 pixels not only bring more impressive visual effect for the users, but also greatly promoted the phone marketable and attractive.

Fingerprint identification

MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G bring another new feature, the fingerprint identification authentication lock screen function. The fingerprint identifier is designed in the back of the phone, which is near the camera parts. Users can not only better protect his privacy, but also have a new experience on the unlock usage pattern in touch screen.

In other words, if you don’t want others to use your mobile phone, you can lock the screen through the fingerprint Settings. Therefore, you have no need to afraid that the privacy and other documents were seen by others, even the phone is lost.

Dual-core processor

As the biggest selling point, MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G also loaded 1.0 GHz frequency of Tagra 2 dual-core processor, which can provide approximately 2GHz processing power. It’s performance is 2 to 5 times to currently Cortex A8 mobile phone. In addition, the processor chips have done a specialized intergration of inner multiple processors, that is a certain processor would enabled only at the time of using and keep in low power state in other time, which brings the direct benefit of power saving. In other words, the processing performance has been greatly developed and more power has been saved.


MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G brings not only strong functional configuration also new content in using experience. Such as MOTOROLA designed a special expansion dock for this ATRIX 4G, officially called the “Webtop”. Its characteristic is accomplishing other more functional operation through LCD after the connection of mobile phone.

Support 1080P high definition decoding

Featured with high definition decoder, the phone has the decoding and output capacity of 1080P high definition video. After the pedestal connects with LCD TV, ATRIX 4G can enter into playback modes, the users can use the remote to control video playback, also can use touch screen to simulate the mouse button and virtual keyboard input, thus to browse the web or broadcast nets video.

Other features

As for the other functions, the phone’s performance is also amazing, such as have 1GB RAM capacity and 16GB ROM capacity, support maximum 32GB memory expansion, etc. MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G also loaded a 5 million pixel cameras. It also equipped with a 1930 milliampere battery, which can bring nine hours of continuous talk time.

It is reported that MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G will land in the second quarter of this year. Are you ready for it?