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Cell phones for father- warm gifts in cold winter

Friday, January 7th, 2011

When you are growing up, he is becoming  old. When you began to start your new stage of life, he still wants to help and teach you. He is your father. Do you want to do something to show your thanks to him? As a matter of fact, our fathers may not want to get something from us, what they really want is our care and love. I think it’s a good idea to choose a new cell phone for him, for we can keep in touch with him through cell phone. This article would introduce three popular mobile phones for your reference.

Bar Phone: BlackBerry BOLD9700

BlackBerry BOLD9700 may be a good choice for it can help your father a lot in his business. BlackBerry Bold is undoubtedly a very classic best-selling model among products by BlackBerry. The phone not only inherited the traditional BlackBerry style and shape and its advantages in the e-mail, but also put on some powerful multimedia and other business applications support.

As BlackBerry’s latest model, BlackBerry Bold 9700 has some significant changes in appearance. The design of the optical touchpad brings more machine feeling to the user. BlackBerry Bold 9700 is also equipped with the latest BlackBerry OS 5. 0 system, including improved user interface, built-in browser support for Javascript which allows users to obtain better operating experience. Compared to other BlackBerry, the BlackBerry 9700 is the best in terms of screen resolution.

Clamshell Phone: Motorola W385

Built on the design of the impressive MOTOKRZRTM, the Motorola W385 combines style with simplicity. Blending sleek lines with easy-to-use features, the W385 provides users with everything they want and need without overwhelming technology. With cool colors and an internal antenna, the W385 complements any user perfectly. Offering easy and fashionable communication, the W385 is the complete package for the trendiest of the trendy to the simplest of the simple.

When everyone is looking for the latest Smartphone, if you are like me, and what you want is a good dependable phone. The Motorola W385 fits the bill best. Nothing fancy, excellent call quality, easy to understand functions and very important long battery life will make it a perfect helper of fathers.

In this cold winter, each of them will be a warm gift to your father. Have you decided to make it come true?