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The Next Generation of iPhone Will Have Long Battery Life Via the New Battery Patent

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

With the highly developed technology, the hardware parameters of mobile phone, in particular the smart phones are becoming more and more comprehensive and competitive. However, whether it is iPhone, iPad, or other brands’ mobile phones and tablets, they all have a common problem. That is you can only use the phone for a couple days because the batteries is going to the end. Just imagine that you are playing a game with your phone and you are so excited with it, however, you are prompted that your phone is the condition of low battery. What a pity! The Next Generation of iPhone Will Have Long Battery Life Via the New Battery Patent 0

Fortunately, this problem seems to be improved in the next generation of Apple iPhone. We know that iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones in the world. In order to continue the leading power in the market, Apple has recognized this problem and has taken action to solve the problem. According to information exposed, Apple has added a new patent named more, improving the energy density of rechargeable lithium batteries recently. Apple said in the patent description that rechargeable batteries adopt multi-step constant current / constant voltage (CC -CV) charging technology that will increase the maximum battery life. But the battery size, the maximum battery charging time and minimum life will not be affected. 


Nevertheless, this patent is more exciting more than the appearance patent because it will make the same size battery have longer periods of using time. In the rapid development of smart phones and laptops today, the largest bottleneck in the development of battery life issues. If this patent is true, we hope that it will be used in application as soon as possible.

The Next Generation of iPhone Will Have Long Battery Life Via the New Battery Patent 0 (1)

With this new battery patent, the next generation of iPhone will surely be very successful. Let’s wait for it.

Six Conjecture of the Next Generation of iPhone – iPhone5 Will Release in June

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that the attention degree of iPhone cannot be equated with other Smartphone. With the hot selling of iPhone4 in global, it has gained super-high influence and popularity.  People pay more expectations and attention to the upcoming generation of iPhone5, which will launch in June this year. Although many relevant news about iPhone5 are rumor, it’s undoubted that apple will apply more wonderful new functions and new features in the new generation of iPhone, thus to continue keep the lead advantage in the fierce competition market. Next, let’s discuss what will be upgraded in the coming iPhone5 from 6 aspects according to the information from various channels.

Aspect 1: Duel-core processors

with the formal release of MOTOROLA Atrix 4G and LG Optimus 2X and other Smartphone that are equipped with modern dual-core processors, the Smartphone has already entered the dual-core era in 2011. Therefore, under this background, the new generation of iPhone won’t fall behind certainly. The new iPhone will feature with ARM Cortex A9 central processor, together with the integration of GPU model, iPhone5 will have powerful processing speed and multimedia expression. Apple is expected to use A5 processor in the new generation.

iPhone4's core - A4

Aspect 2: Support WCDMA/CDMA dual-mode 3G network

In many people’s opinion, it is a new revealed news that iPhone5 may support WCDMA/CDMA dual-mode 3G network. In fact Paul Jacobs, the CEO of QUALCOMM, has revealed that they have discussed about providing chip for iPhone in an interview in 2009. Now this rumor has been confirmed, Apple will give up Infineon chip for QUALCOMM products. Therefore, it’s probable that all Apple products would built-in QUALCOMM chip and support WCDMA/CDMA dual-mode 3G network. In the future, iPhone will not have two versions, which will save development costs for Apple.

Aspect 3: support Near Field Communication

As we all known, the secret of Apple’s success is excellent innovation ability, especially they like to join their ideas in technology. For example, they made Face Time look different with common video calls. Although NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is not a new function, apple obviously don’t want their mobile phone is only following others in this function. It was said that they are preparing for adding remote data synchronization function besides of the ordinary function like electronic money bag and so on.

Aspect 4: similar appearance

Apple’s product is always praised for its design. Therefore, people become more interested in the appearance changing of the new generation iPhone. However, it seems that iPhone5 may have the similar appearance as iPhone4 according to current news. Apple may have some embellishment and changes with the detail of parts of the phone, such as thinner phone body and new coating shell. What’s more, according to the report of BGR (Boy Genius Report), the new generation iPhone5 will cancel the only Home button, and will use multi-point touch gestures operation.

Aspect 5: Built-in 8-megapixel camera

Although promotion of operate experience is emphasized in the design ideas of iPhone, built-in camera should also a more attractive point besides more powerful processor in order to embody the difference with previous generation products and upgrade of the function. According to the internal news, Apple will take built-in camera as one of the main features of upgrade version. It was said that the camera components and modules will adopt SONY products. In addition, supporting recording and playback 1080P high-definition video will also become the new selling point of iPhone5.

Aspect 6: Apple map navigation

Since the release of first iPhone in 2007, Apple iOS system has been using Google graphics software in its map application. However, Google has become the greatest competition of Apple in Smartphone field. Therefore, it seems reasonable for Apple to minimize the dependence on Google service. In the last year and the year before, apple respectively acquired PlaceBase and Poly9. PlaceBase is an electronic map company, which is regarded as the main rivals of Google maps. Poly9 is a map software company. All these indicate that Apple will use its own map navigation service in the new iPhone5.

Apple needs to actively respond to the rapid development of Smartphone, especially in the approaching dual-core era. The new generation of iPhone must have greater breakthrough both in the hardware and the software to continue to lead the tide. In this regard, although such guesswork of iPhone5 hasn’t be confirmed, actually it must be like this. Thus, there is no doubt that the release of iPhone5 in June will attract most people’s attention.