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Introduction of Five Creative Concept Cell Phones

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Every time when I looking at those creative concept phones, it will be unable to restrain myself to admire these designers’ unconstrained style of imagination and the development of science and technology industrial. Although there is no way to produce some of those phones with the present technology, but we have to admit that these concept phones indicate the direction for future technological development. The mobile phone we now have, it is also concept phones a decade ago. In the following let’s have a look at some interesting concept phones.

Box cell phone

Don’t feel strange of this “square box” which engraved a lot of numbers and symbol, it is a mobile phone! Branco Lukic wants to make become a super practical mobile phone when designing the CUin5 concept mobile phone. The whole cell phones on each side can be used to answer and call, because each side has buttons, and the receiver. When you press the key of a certain a surface in the six, other buttons will automatically be locked, thus avoiding the mistakenly press.

Windows Phone

This cell phone is called Windows Phone, but it has none business of and Microsoft platform Smartphone. Here’s Windows is window only, which has the implied meaning that user can through the window to see all the information. And this window is a completely transparent screen, the most surprising is that the whole cell phone is a piece of screen. It’s very interesting that Windows Phone can change screen effect with the change of the weather.

Ring concept mobile phone

This is SONY Ericsson ring concept mobile phone, which is designed by stylist Tao Ma in a phone design game. The size is nearly the same as an ordinary ring, which is more attractive than watch mobile phones. This design can realize the basic cell phone functions such as calling and answering. This phone also support headset. However, it’s so small that must sacrifice a lot of subsidiary functions of mobile phones of such as SMS, MP3 and so on.

Leaf cell phone

Siemens entrust Formwelt Studio designed the latest 2 environmental protection concept phones. One section called Leaf, while another one is Solar. When making leaf mobile phone, it adopted large recyclable ecological plastic. It takes the shape of an emerald green leaf, and OLED screen was embedded into the translucent body.

Pebble cell phone

This is a concept cell phone designed by Miyazawa Tetsu and Ichimura , whose appearance looks like smooth pebble, the operating keyboard is on the concave side.

There are many other very interesting concept cell phones in the world. Someday they may become true in our daily life. Let’s wait for the day!